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heroic off an Odyssey

Where she was left in deep mourning
he created the heroic off an Odyssey
daring the seas with his papyrus dream
in live a bourgeois man fancy victory

             Standing sturdy as king of Ithaka
             his life as the fray against Troje
             in front of a mirror courageous
             his tedious life full of destroy

Hoping to sense the affliction
of a seductive nymph Kalypso by name
in his mind a sensuous creation
altering his body in sexual rage

             One hand on his pulsing purple rapier
             daring his war with a stifled scream
             vibrating victory splashing over her
             endeavour an oasis in papyrus dreams
…soft murmur…
-Next time I'm going on a space Odyssey-
"Ground Control to Major Tom;- Ground Control to Major Tom;- Take your protein pills and put your helmet on.....-*

(*David Bowie)

space Odyssey

his mission to recapter control over his own existence

In cyclus; The Earth rising over the Moon
while the Sun rises over the dawn of Earth
of simple origin he kneels for a mysterious dream
hopes to stroke it's smooth black surface soon
His mirror providing a door for his journey from earth
an everlasting escape for this still meaningless life
Deviant, victoriously throwing his weapon in the air
prevailing it stands - looking as if he is nothing worth

Wandering  his own cosmic room - a LSD-like trance
a trip through a visual poem of his existence and destiny
in a incredibly high state of purity and existence
Looking down at old man.. his deathbed
bowing his head...smashing the glass off the mirror...

...stop...stop, will you...stop,...will you stop,...stop,

...I'm afraid...

Falling asleep his mind and memories drained from his body
Made into a new immortal entity,  A master of the universe~
               A Star Child gazing at the Earth...


oh man... You should take a stress pill and think things over


...I'm afraid...