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Into me
Destiny…I welcome thee in painful pleasure
that I have found in process while creating
Arise by the power of my hands
Aching fragments, memories, thoughts
Fear grows in my mystic me
Spiral deeper into the labyrinth within me
Eyes the gateway to my splintered soul
Hidden emotions will arise at your will
You who I cannot cast from my dreams
Standing naked before you, stripped, pure and bleeding
You who moves my hands from out of your dark shadow
Your passion awakens me…for I belong to you…
dark side of the moon…please stay inside of me…
so close…so close…going under…sinking deeper…
so close...
into me

Wonderous sacrament of doubt

the climate altered in an invisible dance

by the vanity of the senses

vibrating desire unsatiated loud


Moments of inner freedom

paint the soul left to wander into

scarlet realms of fantasies

enjoying the woman I’ve become


Sacramental lust exploring sanctity

driven by beastly rankness

a dangerous contrariety illuminating feelings

famished seeking after unity


A sacrifice to liberate my femininity

awakening passions captured inside

my dark forbidden dreams

regeneration through holy sexuality


I offer THEE ME


Dissolved in endless dark aeons

Who will remember passing through the gate~
The awareness that we once were hoping to gain
Who shall find absolution accepting their fate?

No light

Into that gate dare I enter without any doubt?
Mind empty with darkness closing in ones vision
Screaming past forgiveness haunting loud

No light

Circles; circles; circles
Thoughts and dreams

Do I have no faith? My brain filtering all sense of reality
In creative transformation I’ve travelled this path before
The cause off all is hidden here ~ eternal peace through duality

No light

The truth is that once I hope to leave or part at ease
Break away ~ let go  ~ my spirit lighter than a leaf
That I can shape this mystic to my own needs

No light

Circles; circles; circles
Thoughts and dreams

Dissolved in endless dark aeons
Whispering a beautiful ‘AMEN’


Imaginary Love

Crying in sparkling silver moon dust
Dark dreams of an imaginary love
Night dreamed kisses shivering lust
Tears slide down my fragile face
Darkness shrouds you -my love-
Forbidden passion a constant rage
A little taste of blood upon my lips
I’ll come and hold you o’ so close
My hands seize on to your hips
Open my soul unleash deep desire
For my feelings are unknown to you

Dark dreams of an imaginary love

A minds creation your picture I draw
As I think of your heartfelt expressions
Your chosen words for loving HER so raw
True believe for the outside world as pure
Beyond this everlasting void of doubt
Your experience leads my path for sure
A touch, little hope for a brilliant bliss
Your lips only exist in my fantasy
After this life I long for your eternal kiss
Hoping in sparkling silver moon dust
For dreams of my imaginary love…

Gift for Omega Ω

Fear not the thought off being different than the common’
Release yourself from this by being thankfull that your unique
And you shall dance, sing, make music and love all in Her praise
The teacher of mysteries, the weaver of time, Praise!
Empowerment and wisdom are gifts of the Dark Goddess
Rule your weakness by exploring your own wishdom

Open yourself to her embrace and overcome
Many are living and die without knowing there trueselves
Eager is not a bad habbit if it leads you to self-awareness
Grow and learn that She is part of you
Awaken to balance, illumination and wholeness

Maturity begins to grow when you can sense your inner soul
You must understand the whole of life,not just one little part of it

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law
Embrace the fact you are an individual
And release yourself from the path others tell you to follow
Return and let your innermost divine be~
Enfolded in the rapture of the infinite
Shine! And be your own star
There is no Law beyond Do what thou wilt

Fragile is the line between man and woman
Respect and honour the Yin and Yang...Dark and Light
I speak about HIM ; He speaks about HER
Eventuality it is the path through duality
Never break the circle...


Forbidden Love

This mating ritual has begun ~
and for now it can't be stopped

We twirl separate together in the shadows of love
a secret understanding between the three of us
           darkness ~ light and purity

My cheeks shining of tears and sweat
your fingertips delicate upon my skin
lustful we whisper each others names

Beastly passion or forbidden love ?
eternal lovers that shall never be one
standing on a line between nothing & tomorrow


In the city of sins I feel Satan's presence
a feeling given through by stupid morality
caught in dreams I travel through time

Let your mouth do the dance of fantasies
two wishing the same by one deep breath
please...dive inside the swells of my soul

Thirsty is what I've become
tempting tongue...tasting your sweat
I'm  losing myself in this passion

holding hands ending in a single heartbeat
shall we ever complete this dance of love ? ....