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Just above dreams dew
fragile above the edge
below the fading stars fall due
saved by your kiss that I catch

Out darkness colours are birthing
revealing the juices of our fate
arousing and sleep intensly flirting
for this foreland we've always prayed

Floating dreams of tomorrow
mix with the reality of yesterday
THE FALL won't bring us sorrow
infinite Light showed us the way

Breathing in the soul of Euphoria
surrounded by a perpetual abyss
through ancient wells reveil hallelujah
forever together in unceasing bliss

Can I dream...

Can I dream that I dream

that I am awake?

Awake and dreaming

that I remember my dream?

In dreams and awake

all that my body desires?

Unfold my sentence and my crime

to make these carnal pleasures die?

Dream or real through mind visions ran

by Gods who reveal their by me desired plan?

A omen that shakes my soul

to forecast my futures goal?

I wait in hope and solemn fear

for that oracle if God will hear

Or should I try to forget that

I am dreaming or not...??

if I am awake... 

Until my Lips

I close my eyes
beautiful image imprinted in mind
your blood pulsing at the temple
my temple the heart where in
you live wrapped inside me
will others ever understand
this connection; our reality
sinking through a floor of emotion
your passion awakens my vision
what is it that you do to me ?
please don't ask me to let go
but call to me my dark angel
intense resurrection, sudden release
without fear in total calmness
I plight to thé my oath

'I bow to the light within' '

until my lips will graze yours

I bow

Into the depths of
deep darkest shadows
surrounding this
stinkhole of a world
where absence of
significant worship flourish
forced interpretations from
medieval empty-heads

I stand....

Into the Abyss of
lost escapes
shines the reflection of
my face in crystal water
wavy and fading
visions for tomorrow
this mirror speaks through
the light of my eyes

I see...

Behind the gate,
stars dim above
the moon takes of
to go her own way
will the wolf
keep his hope;
silver protected
howling in distance?

I recall...

The blindness of
these shadows
by meditation they
might loose their power
I call, upon
your mercy Kali...
Maha Kali

I cry...

When bliss is raining everywhere
When sky and ocean are as on
When infinity is our only course
When all is dressed in shiny veils

I bow...

my head in Silence

In Silence

I dreamt how to separate the stars from the moon

A voice came through my heart with very simple words

Deprived of any light I'm urged to act soon:-

Keep your eyes closed or they will be burned-

so you'll be left cloaked in everlasting darkness


Close your ears so you won't hear them whisper-

trying to distract you illuminating of despair

Don't use you voice so you will awake them-

you may cry but hold your silent breath

Empty your head only let your senses feel-

my voice that's going to oblige you to~

that place you've tried to reach before

at the gates of silent memory- don't

struggle to remember what you already know

just  strip of your black dress to show your

pale naked body in silver sparklin' moonlight

shake your hair loose let it tickle your shoulders

stand on the tip of your toes in high spirit

stretch your arms to the sky

 your breasts up high

 ~ now SMILE~

Breath in the smell from a perfume of sweat

which is not yours and is not mine~

it is the smell of this ritual to symbolize your path

to lead you under this darkened night into 

the inner spirit

allowing you to pass through your soul tonight

NOW endure your fate...fear none...

feel my hands

touching that place of your outmost femininity

and when that moment arrives and your body

shivers...and shakes and you are not aware of

anything else...lift up your arm and now...


touch them one by one

don't hold

just touch


Now the kisses of the stars will rain upon your body

Every man and every woman is a star


Moon Face
My Love

When my eyes stare over your shoulder

Into another dimension dark and far away

Don’t fear me leaving; I am here to stay

I’m slipping silently into shadows calling

When you see a teardrop fall from my eye

Remember my love it’s not because of you I cry

Memories stumbling down a painful path

They drift upon the winds of nightmares

A little girl, innocent, feeling no one cares

So young, by nature trusting in fatherly love


When my eyes stare over your shoulder

Into another dimension dark and far away

Searching for a light but only dream in grey

The taunts reaching at me with there hands

Causing tears of shame and tears of pain

The exposure of puberty drove me insane

The beast of hate caused by the face of fear

Tempting me into a final dance of despair


When my eyes stare over your shoulder

Into another dimension dark and far away

Don’t fear me leaving; I am here to stay

You my knight of l’amour provoked my demons

‘Cause of you my love, there is again ‘tomorrow‘

With all your warmth and trust: no more sorrow


When my eyes stare over your shoulder

Into another dimension dark and far away

Not a thought of leaving: I am here to stay!

It’s my decision to be pure not to stay tainted


A smile, the stars shine bright this night

In passionate embrace I hold you tight