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The man in disguise brings me
                                          happiness veiled in disorder
crushes my illusions while he whistles
HIS violence brings
'shall I hunt HIM or hide--?'
as darkness choking my soul
the fear HE brings....: a peacefull dream
Darkness Awaits
My foolish dreams
In the Silent night
      We drift
Far from this world
 Darkness Awaits

Lazarus who’s name you’ve chosen

the one God has helped

is it you who’s hiding in two ~?

or is it you who came by resurrection

-and through his holy life-

He that believed in you

although you were no longer amongst us

your heart started beating again

to live through in eternal life

Love in Soul 

You have observed my love

Experianced my pain day and night
My blood for this beautifull love
                                                that will remain
difference in in soul


From the depts of my imagination
a faintest moan escapes my lips
so vulnerable to bring sensation
wandering hands depart my hips
Speaking silence, passion's birth
sweat that falls in stormy flood
caressing me with untenable hurt
everlasting sacrifice, pulsing blood
I remembered you before knowing
waiting and longing for futures bliss
Where melody and moonlight were growing
to receive the humid seal of your soft kiss

The monster buried within my soul

My black patron brings me no fear

a darkened voice whisperes beside me

only ecstacy, simple-pure and clear

an unending,orgasmic high comes free

immortality my sacrifice YOUR TRUST

this song of darkness in full moonlight

your shadows hiding my unholy lust

If you were chosen to be
the sun or moon
And if I were chosen to
be the sky
There is no longer
earth to see
I would make a wish during
my last sacred moment
That one moment
it would be given
We were swimming naked
beneath ourselves
In a shielded silver sea
Scorche my soul with your burning heart

my eyes darkened into pools
Your eyes like dragons fire
forget there are pathways over dim,
from passion's deepest sea
I want to watch the last sun die
the rising moon takes over satisfied
never know the torture of that cry,
of long lost souls when time goes by

Scorche my soul with your burning heart
In all the bliss of eternity

Sweet dreams of my Dark angel

Lazarus within this mind illusion you are real

Dreams about my dark angel this night my own

A breeze blows in your pale strong body I feel

Secret kisses sliding down my neck

Make Shivers running down my back

Seducing lying naked on temptationed sweet dreams

My black angel of resurrection brings me rankness

Given myself in whole sensual lust it ends in screams

Secret kisses sliding down my neck

Make shivers running down my back