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Connecting through the sun, Archangel Michael is deeply committed to help humanity grow and increase in vibration.

Archangel Michael oversees Guardian Angels and he will help you to release lower energies of fear or worry, so that you can open to experience the incredible love and light of the Angelic Realm.

If you are wanting to connect with Archangel Michael, know that he is already with you now, all you need to do is invite him to connect with you, Archangels are not limited by time and space. If you ever find yourself in fear, worry or doubt call upon Michael and with his sword of light he will cut away the fearful attachments which bind you.

When I connect with Archangel Michael, his energy feels warm and loving to me. He has a fiery spirit and will greet you with unconditional love regardless of your current circumstances. If you are needing to release negativity, to cleanse, or to connect with the courage you need to make positive life changes; If you are feeling sad or have low upon Michael. He will help you to remember your purpose, realign with passions and live life more fully and vibrantly.

Archangel Michael is the first Angel I ever channeled...he came to me at a point in my life when I felt alone and lost. I wanted to change my life. I prayed for help and Michael answered with incredible love, encouragement and clarity. Even now that I have learned to work and connect with many different angels, Michael still feels like the closest angel to me...