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"Now you lie revealed
in glinstering splendour
bathed in light
like a miracle before me"

(*frühling, Vier letzte lieder- Richard Strauss)

Yesterday I wrote you a love song
and today you make me sing
a serenade down the river
played by a single Venetian string

-phantom touch-

Yesterday I faded behind a bladed dark mask
and today I feel another sun shall rise
in a dream which silence only knows
no longer strangers who descry by exercise

-Moon-bathe with me-

Yesterday I was painting the ocean
and today I disappear in your heart
-under water- learned to swim
finding release through velvet art

-I'll dwell in you-

Yesterday naked and alone on a matress
and today touched under silken sheet
let me disturb you into some wild action
where only true lovers uncontainably meet

-Slightly drunk-

Grant me a kiss..
"Coffee my Love? "