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Tiny sparklin' droplets of tears start spanking my heart; not because of grief... but as relief; Go on inject me with your overwhelming power; It took sometime but finally I've found the strength to open the door to let you in; Darkness was lingering only inside as a metaphor for fear; Days passed-months passed-and so did years; Sacrificed my own desires and dreams; Believing that only that Dark one listened to my screams; O how wrong I was...; I cannot describe the feeling that brought lump in my throat; I tried to swallow but then it choked made me gasp for breath, drowning...afraid; This illusion only I could see... I could not leave... I thought...; Over the cliff into the Abyss; Be thrown into the deep depths; But no...something decided different; It started with writing; then the sound of his voice; It felt like knowing; I glimpsed at his face, as I had known him well a thousand years; A million fireflies wink at me; Music warms me up...stars dangle down... shivers...; The thought of his fingers caressing the curving of my breasts; How special...; And within’ sacred moments like this the magic man raised his head and spoke: "Open your eyes"; Veiled visions showing what I already knew as true all alone; My true self who I pushed away for so long whispers "Come with me, let me help, I'll set you free"; Now I sit in my only self; I AM IN MY TRUE BEING; Again I'm standing at the edge; But this time I won't fall; I go up...floating; Dreaming the sunshine and morning dues; You've wrapped your wings around me to cocoon me inside your safe embrace...