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Archangel Michael works with Archeia Faith, as power works with faith. Power is the will behind all action. Faith is the ability to know that your needs will be manifested. It is necessary to know that your actions will be successful. Without faith, action would be impossible. The active male energy of Archangel Michael is sustained by the female nurturing energy of Archeia Faith. Together they help us to manifest our greatest desires. Michael and Faith, the leading angels and rulers of the first ray, protect us from evil intentions and false illusions. They cut away all that is unreal.
Michael and Faith are able to embody a pure form of energy. Their blended qualities work together to lift the veil of illusion. This veil, which has fallen over man, is our fall from grace. Faith, the right use of will, and eternal protection and care, can bring us back to our original state of oneness.
Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith serve on the first ray, the vibration of that ray appears as the color blue .The blue ray correlates to our throat chakra. The throat chakra is the power center. Through the sacred science of sound we can create through the speaking of the word. Through your voice you can speak truth or lies. When we speak in truth, we live in truth. When we speak in lies, we live in lies...