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Make it comfortable for yourself...sit or lie in the most relaxed position with your back straight.

Start by imagining the color of the sky on a sunny day; Sky blue.
Imagine that same sky blue colour to be made of light. Begin to breathe this in.                                                                                                                      Imagine an opening in the top of your head, and every time you take a breath, you are inviting this color into your body.
Pulling it in with your breath. Now, begin to place that blue light in your abdominal or pelvic area.
Imagine that your pelvis is a bowl and you are going to fill it up with this beautiful blue light. Begin to breathe it in a little harder. Passionately breathe in through your nose and push the blue light into your pelvic bowl. 
Make lots of noise through your nose to bring in the air, and remember to breathe out through your nose, not your mouth.
The breath is your power.                                                                                         

Fill your pelvis with the blue light. Do this for a few minutes. Let your pelvis fill up.

Bring your breathing back to normal now and begin to let that blue light start to rise. Let it move upward into your belly, your stomach, keep letting it rise through your chest, neck and head, and finally let it encompass your entire body.

Just be with it and feel it.

You have just done some powerful healing on yourself.

Sit for a while and let it integrate within you.

Be well.