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There are many different ways to meditate.
The goal is to focus and eventually quiet your mind. As you progress, you will find that you can meditate anywhere and at any time, accessing an inner calm no matter what's going on around you. But first, you have to learn to tame your mind.


Make time to meditate and do it on a regular base, not sporadically.
You can meditate at any time of day only don't meditate immediately following a meal, or when you are likely to be hungry. The body's digestive system can be very distracting.

Find or create a quiet, relaxing environment, inside or outside. It's important not to be distracted. Turn off TVsets, phone(s) or other noisy things.
I like to play music but make sure it's calm and gentle, so it will not break your concentration.

you can sit on the ground or a cushion as long as it is comfortable.You may even ly down but be careful not to fall asleep! You don't have to twist your limbs into the lotus position or sit in an unusual posture. The important thing is to keep your back straight, as this will help you breathing. Your feet should feel the ground solid.
You may keep your eyes open or close them...just as you like, you can use a candle to focus on something steady.

Breathe deeply and slowly from your abdomen. Feel your stomach rise and fall while your chest stays relatively still. Inhale for count of 3, exhaling for count of 6, repeat over and over. I do this for about 15 minutes. It expels the used air and more completely oxygenates your blood, lower your heart rate and blood pressure.

Relax every muscle in your body. Don't rush, bit by bit,starting at your toes, and working up to your head, until all tension melts.

You may notice that your mind wants to wander but try to focus your attention. Gently bring your attention back to a single point until it rests there naturally. The goal is to allow the "bouncing" in your mind to fade away, settle your mind.
Go with the flow of your breath, listen to it, follow it.You can recite a mantra (repetition of a sacred word, for instance "aum") verbally or in mind...but you can also simply count your breath from 1 to 10 and then start over. Silence your mind.

8The next step is focus on nothing at all, essentially "clearing" your mind. This needs practice! After focusing on a single point , you can either cast it away, or observe it and let it come and then go. Do the same with thoughts that return to your mind until silence is only there.

And that is the point you want to reach!

I mostly meditate using my chakra's...for me this is the most effective way to relax.
Begin with your root chakra. Imagine its color. Feel its energy collect. When you have fully visualized your root chakra, move up to the sacral chakra.
For each chakra, vividly imagine its color and the place associated with it. Feel it awaken inside you as you concentrate on it. When you finish, you may either stop or work your way back down. I only work my way up using a recording of a voice on music talking me 'through' the chakra's.

For more information about the Chakra's see "The power of Chakra's"