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In between the limits of day 

shadows transfer into an arch 

they lift my thoughts from gloom to light

You see; the curse it sleeps

but when it awakens

demons will rise..

fearsome reptiles to control you

They will try to surrender you to your own

false ego's

But pure energy can't be broken


..My spirit prays..


Impregnable soul who belonged

to the ones over this time

The ancestors of Atlantis will

always sing for me-

in order to survive this entombing dimension.


(Sound goes not from water..)


The earth is nothing more than an altar

on which behaviour is sacrificed to be witnessed

by the God's to decide;

Who will become drones..zombies..

living in corridors of mirrors

..weak..and foolish..


The shape of a desert tomb is shown to me

and silence echoes through my heart

Marble eyes weep real tears

inside the chamber of the Kings

Lucifer hands me a sword-


'You're now a Blue-walker'


The fugitive..given wings-

to escape the blind and become a warrior