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to let me see
what you have seen
I have to borrow
your eyes
so I can create
that perfect scene
-of a darkened room
-with a filthy floor
-in dire gloom
blind focus on
your voice's delicacy
I hear your song
is building
with words of
blood and insanity
-warm body
-hot cross
-wrong judgment
so you
want to fuck?
like a gigolo
excited white flesh
monsterous attitude...
a swinging cock
-trapped in...
-kissed by
-moist lips
memories of
tragic pain
banging microphone
is art to relieve
crouched corpus
blood red stain
mesmerized by
I follow you
with my
own eyes
-I find you
-so good
-I touch you
may I smell you...
once I have you...