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'who is as God'

Archangel Michaël is the Angel of Courage, Strength and Protection. He is a warrior, the commander-in-chief and stable ruler. He will give you initiative, willpower, drive and vitality to follow your path and complete tasks without effort or anxiety. He will help you to be strong, firm and focused.
His twin flame is Faith who confirms your confidence, or faith in yourself, so that you can accomplish your mission...

If you invoke Archangel Michaël, he will help you find the courage, strength, trust and faith to speak your truth.

I call on Michaël at a daily base...In november 2009 He told me that He would keep me surrounded with his wings for 48 days. After this period I would be in balance.
In time I would know more...he gave me a new message:

'you may feel in need of a rest but there’s still more climbing to be done,
you are now much more sensitive to the subtle energies which have always surrounded you, use this...You are protected by my shield of light surrounding your physical body, your emotional body, your mental body, and your auric body...'

I  wear his necklace with pride..

The Sword of Michaël cuts through the illusion that prevents you from seeing the Truth.